What's Objective Reporting In The Lehigh Valley?

Lady Fired From LVEDC Over Twiiter Comments?
Im just curious as to how this lady gets more exposure than an online petition to help save the propertys on Hamilton Street. Don't people get fired everyday for doing stupid things online???? Whats the hook that keeping this chick on the front page???? Twitter doesn't need any more exposure, but these merchants do.

Maybe I should have had her call about the Petition since news isn't judged on the same curve. Interesting to say the least.

Thanks again Scott, but again your editors reveal the allegience when they constantly supresses the phlight of the working class and minorities. The mayor's plan is nothing short gentrification, and the editorial practices of the Morning Call magnify the problem by "objective" reporting. My question is, What the Morning Call refers to objective is in my opinion is "Selective".  Selective to anything that makes our beloved Mayor look like a developmental GENIUS, but we both know this arena will not bring in 1.5 million a year. Whats even funnier is that Hip Hop mag as you put it attracted over 6.6 million readers worldwide, and it never seemed to be newsworthy enough. However some chick talking trash about her employer is???
Gotta love that Lehigh Valley Double standard, huh??
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