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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fabolous Concert Called A Riot Days After Super Bowl Fans Ravage Philly. Double Standard?

Hip Hop in Our Community
The 2017 Nielsen Music Report states -
“R&B/Hip-Hop became music’s most-consumed genre in July of 2017 and held the position for the rest of the year. Also, nine of the top 10 most streamed artists were R&B/Hip-Hop artists including Lil Uzi Vert, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, and Migos, each of
whom saw streams in excess of 800 million for their respective singles.
ABCNews on February 24, 2018, reported
that Hip Hop “now generates more than $10 billion per year and has moved beyond its musical roots, transforming into a dominant and increasingly lucrative lifestyle.”
What was birthed as a form of self-expression,
has grown from an art form into a multi-billion dollar global industry. What does that mean for our community? How does that impact our community? On Tuesday, April 3rd, 6:16 @Allentown Library, the NAACP Allentown Unit will explore Hip Hop Culture and what it means to our residents.
~Cheryl Johnson Watts

Sunday, April 9, 2017

POWER Northeast in partnership with Make the Road, ACLU, and SEIU Healthcare, is hosting an 

Allentown Mayoral Candidate Forum. This FREE event will give residents the opportunity to hear candidates address issues directly impacting Allentown.

In today's chaotic political climate, it's easy to forget that our mayors have MORE impact on our daily lives than the federal government. 

NOW IS THE TIME to hear, first hand, candidates' priorities and vision for the future of Allentown.

This is the only candidate forum happening in the heart of Allentown, accessible to the full range of the diverse communities who will be most effected by the decisions of our future mayor.

All candidates have been invited to participate.

Confirmed candidates include:
Siobhan "Sam" Bennett
Luiz Garcia
David Jones
Ray O'Connell
Joshua Siegel
Charlie Thiel

No response:
Ed Pawlowski
Nat Hyman
Nathan Woodring

Great opportunity to get to know Allentown's Mayoral Candidates, in plenty of time before casting your ballot in the primary on May 16th!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is Allentown's First Black School District Superintendent Being Set Up By White Supremacy???

In a town ripped apart by racial scandal Allentown school district has chosen their first black superintendent on January 11 2017. This is a big step for a town whose local paper(Morning Call) only has ONE black reporter on sports staff, and a town recently divided by Eminent Domain castle built for Lehigh Valley Phantoms. It was our privilege to catch up with Mr Parker, and ask him about his legacy, and also talked about the school to prison pipeline (The Keystone exam) Allentown has had previous superintendents ie Russel Mayo and Zahorchek who have both been called racist towards black/brown students.. last year there was a student walkout posed by black/brown students demanding a better education. In an era where proactive teens are celebrated these teens were attacked and subjugated by the media who have little to no minority input. In response, Allentown had three minority candidates vie for this posiotion, and critics say Mr Thomas may have had the least experience in real world duties. However this did not thwart George White of Lehigh university to give Parker the nod. In a room packed with people awaiting the decision Allentown finally has its new Superintendent. But why was the whole process so secretive??? Why did a bethlehem entity decide what was best for Allentown. Why were all the candidates minority??? Is our first black superintendent being set up by white supremacy of the Lehigh Valley??? We will keep you posted, but for now our prayers go out to this brother. he has a lot of issues to hash out in Allentown, and we hope his doors stay open.