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My Response Elizabeth Murphy Article On City's No Show At Hotel Traylor Zoning Meeting

Why didnt you quote the guy with the petition or didn't you hear him address the Zoning Board representing 10 residents also in opposition? Since he is voicing the opinion of people who could not be there, dont you think he would have more to say than, "We'll Be Back." Arnold Swartzenegger is getting plenty of press with that lovechild mess, and doesn't need the Morning Call. Unfourtunately the working class AND displaced merchants who read your paper do. OBJECTIVE reporting should echo a hint of fairness Mrs Murphy. NOT just the ones you UNDERSTAND or IDENTIFY with.

And what about the 515 linden street FAIL with that smart aleck architect who got owned by councel and opposing attorney? You know the one involving the displaced Daycare on 7th and linden displaced by EMINENT DOMAIN HOCKEY ARENA?

Bad enough that they got kicked out of their 13 year business. Now they have fight to get another building close to their old building, while they try to maintain their cl…

More Favortism A La Allentown City Hall Bending Rules For Hotel Traylor

You would think after having a front page article in the Morning Call city hall would show up at a recent zoning board meeting. Think again. In the unprecented move to allow The Landmark Hotel Traylor have extended stay in all of their 82 rooms. Linda Krisko Insurance Agency is also is in attendance to voice her opinions. Be sure to check our her response to being misquoted in the Morning Call Article written by Elizabeth Murphy. Mrs. Murphy was also in attendance.

LA Playboy Model/Dj Roxanne Dawn Exclusive Imantrek Interview Plugs New La Freak Clothing

We ran into L.A. Playboy Model and celebrity Dj Roxanne Dawn at a recent gig, and we chop it up with the turntable diva. She explains how long she has been a Dj to the stars, and how she got hooked up with Playboy Magazine. Roxanne also plugs her new clothing line La Freak. You definately dont want to miss how those jeans fit on her. thanks again to the management of Main Gate Nightclub, Dj Express, and everyone else who has helped make Grounzero one of the most read ezines on the web.

For more info:

Response To Scott Kraus Story On Brew Works Cash

Clearcut Favortism. They paid a dollar for the building, got 4.5 million in grants after that... Now they get another $360,000 in loans to bring in an undisclosed renter that they did'nt even have to disclose??? I also remember Mr. Han saying that several others minority merchants applied for this type of loan, and were rejected. You call it what you want, but anyone with eyes can see the BS. Even Mr Girudy and Mrs. Eichenwald questioned the fairness in the CEDC loan process. They also could not answer Mr Weiss Questions about the definition of blight, and if it even applies to Brew works condition. Im happy for the Brew Works, but I know New York Fashions couldnt have pulled this off without disclosing their renter to the public. More importantly I bet code enforcement would make sure all their I's are dotted and T's are crossed. However I see only certain people have to abide by your GUIDELINES. Must be nice to have friends downtown. The complete testimony for the Brew G…

Response To Bill White's Hard To Embrace The Arena Article In Morning Call

Didn't Allentown already destroy two major department stores??? And since when do hockey fans and 80's hair metal shows equate to upscale customers and culture??? What is your paper's deal with DOLLAR Store clientele anyway??? Last time I checked they had an Aldi in the west end. Are those shoppers low lifes too who need their properties uprooted??? I see why your paper harldly ever puts minorities or downtown allentown in a good light. YOu want to systematically keep your SCARED surburban readers, who NEVER come here anyway a NEW playground, while justifying your Eminent EVILS. This is GENTRIFICATION at its best Mr. White. Maybe you can charm your loyal readers but some of US know what the deal is.
It's funny most merchants I interviewed said that Blues event hurt their business because it lacked diversity in performers. Maybe if they also included music from the neighborhood it would have been a bigger turnout. However I see that you would rather scare your READERS …

8.6 Million For New Water Meters When The City Is A Ticking Gas Bomb?

Last time I checked water isn't flammable??? doesn't the city think that is a priority Mr Kraus?? Whare is your article on how they gave the Brew works money while truning their backs on the Hamilton street merchants??? What about all the recent gas leaks UGI was called out to fix without ANY Morning Call Coverage???? I know you guys have a hard time beleiving what I say, but I have video coverage of one of them which happened on 900 block of n 4th??? Maybe El Torcero will write about it.
For video coverage of FEGELY-GATE you can see vids at or

Link to Morning call story

Show Me The Money WFMZ??

[QUOTE who="Get it Right WFMZ"]The information above is wrong. The project total value is $3.6M and Palram received $198K in state funding to assist in creating 40 jobs. WFMZ butchered a simple press release and hopefully a correction will be posted. I doubt an apology will follow.[/QUOTE]

When they don't botch press releases they just simply ignore them. Funny that they(WFMZ cameras)werent at the recent city hall meeting where they gave the Fegely's(Allentown Brew Works)$368,000 while hamilton street is on the chopping block? where are the grants/loans for OTHER business' in the area, and how do these business always get the heads up over minority run establishments? Why isn't there more of an outreach program to make minority business owners more aware of available state money? Maybe that could be your next story WFMZ???

It's funny how they'll report on a Diving Magazine naming a location in Nazareth "Best places to dive in America" while d…

If Morning Call's Paul Muschick Is The Watchdog Who Is Watching Him?

This clown doesnt write about real people. He'll bring attention to an overcharged couple in Bangor, Hazleton or wherever but ignore issues affecting thousands right here in Allentown. If he's supposed to be the watchdog, Who the heck is watching him?
I RECENTLY tried bringing awareness of the mayor having all the petition flyers removed off Hamilton Street walls during the recent Lehigh Chamber Blues Fest last Saturday. I also tried to bring him up to speed about an online petition and physical petition that was also the target of police intimidation. The same reporter who said he is the Watchdog writing about consumer affairs & government abuse refused to do anything to champion our cause. I find it hard to believe that an overcharged couple in west bumble takes priority over the fate of Hamilton street and people being denied the right to protest.
Mr Watchdog ultimately told me (consumer/reader)to, "shut up and let him talk." I agreed to listen until I realiz…

Reaction To Bill White's Palin/Santourum Narrative In The Morning Call: "This Came To Him In A Dream??"

This is in reponse to a recent article/narrative concocted in the brain of Bill White of the Morning Call. Its funny how a paper who prides themselves on their objectivity continually prints this fantasy. Dream more like it. What's your next topic Mr. White? Pink elephants.
According to Mr Winter. We are in violation of the Uniform Firearms Act. Wny dont you watch this video from Eminent Domain Council Meeting. Do an anectdote about that. Does objective repoting include tired narratives??? Heres a tip. Why not take up playwriting. Im sure your editorial staff will make a great cast. Twisting reality is way up their alley. However, why let reality get in the way of a good story.. NOT...

I left this as a comment, which will most likely be removed by the comment police at the Morning Call...

EMINENT Domain Matt Winter Cites Violations Of The Uniform Firearms Act vs Cellphone Ban Fail|Start an Online Petition »

Link to Bill White Story:…

What's Objective Reporting In The Lehigh Valley?

Im just curious as to how this lady gets more exposure than an online petition to help save the propertys on Hamilton Street. Don't people get fired everyday for doing stupid things online???? Whats the hook that keeping this chick on the front page???? Twitter doesn't need any more exposure, but these merchants do.

Maybe I should have had her call about the Petition since news isn't judged on the same curve. Interesting to say the least.

Thanks again Scott, but again your editors reveal the allegience when they constantly supresses the phlight of the working class and minorities. The mayor's plan is nothing short gentrification, and the editorial practices of the Morning Call magnify the problem by "objective" reporting. My question is, What the Morning Call refers to objective is in my opinion is "Selective".  Selective to anything that makes our beloved Mayor look like a developmental GENIUS, but we both know this arena will not bring in 1.5 mi…