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THE NOID SERIES: "Mein Quill" A Short Film Directed By IMANTREK 2012

THE NOID SERIES: "Mein Quill" A Short Film Directed By IMANTREK Trey travels into a strange park where the voices and weird haarp like sounds haunt his every turn. The loneliness is starting to set in, and he has yet to come across any third dimension humanoids.
Rodney King -- the man who was at the center of the infamous Los Angeles riots -- was found dead this morning in Rialito, CA. He was 47. According to our sources, King's fiancĂ©e found him dead at the bottom of a pool. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they responded to a call at 5:25 AM PT. We're told they physically removed King from the pool and attempted CPR. Rodney King, whose beating by police led to massive rioting in Los Angeles in 1992, was found dead at the bottom of a pool at his California home on Sunday. King, 47, was discovered by his fiancĂ©, who called police at 5:25 a.m., according to TMZ. Rialto police pulled King's lifeless body from the pool and attempted to revive him. He was pronounced dead a short time later at a local hospital. King became an icon of police brutality 20 years ago after he was brutally beaten by a group of LAPD officers after a freeway chase through the San Fernando Valley. Amateur video of the incident caught the officers…
THE NOID Series:"Emergy" A Short Film Directed By IMANTREK HD 2012
The name of this short film is Emergy:The Fight For Melanin, and Trey Madroid finds himself trapped in an old civil war graveyard haunted by supernatural forces willing to reveal some truth. He has been very curious of the source that fuels racial hatred towards melinated peoples. With the 4th Dimensional aid of his alter ego Trey embarks on a dark trek into the unknown. For more on The New Noid Series directed by Imantrek visit or