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Is Local/Mainstream media willfully downplaying the threats and well being of our first Black President Obama and his first family? I would like to know what you think?

Story by IMANTREK: When I first heard of a threat being against first lady Michelle Obama I was very surprised that it was made bya DC Cop. More importantly, A special operations motorcycle cop paid to defend White House Officials. Of course, the officer claims he was joking, but the secret service wasn't laughing(rightfully so). Luckily a cop who overheard the inflammatory comment reported the incident to his superior, and now an investigation to ANY ill doing is being started. Two days later I pick up my local Morning Call newspaper(Tribune-Chicago), and also weeks after the Jerry Sandusky case verdict. I see the front page plastered with three huge pictured articles explaining developments of the FREEH Report involving Penn State officials, and their alleged wrongdoing during Sandusky-Gate.

 However, At the bottom left of the page was an avatar sized picture Of Michelle Obama mentioning that first lady was threatened by a DC Cop. My first impression was, "Damn, the first …
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Larry SINCLAIR's Response To 2008 Alleged Bad Check Arrest, American Free Press, Politico,CNN, Media