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Rare Lissette Melendez Post Show Interview 2011 @ Main Gate VIP Meet And Greet Lounge

Rare interview footage of The Queen Of Latin Freestyle Club Lissette Melendez. Lissette doesn't normally grant interviews so this was a really special event for us at GROUNZERO MAG-ZINE. Get close and personal with the amazing Lissette Melendez the person credited for bringing back freestyle music in the early 90's. She also speaks on the new challenges for artists to get conventional record deals as it compared to back in the day. Big ups to Lissette and her management for granting us this interview.

Take a quick trip back to the early 90's freestyle club was making a re emergence. Lissette Melendez is credited with that rebirth, and truly represents for her loyal fans singing her smash hit "Together Forever", written by Frank Reyes. Enjoy her beautiful vocals and patented dance moves that has earned her iconic status in popular dance music history. Shot on location at Main Gate Nightclub.

F@#$ The Local Alternative Press Of Allentown. Did We Ever One Anyway?

What's libelous about sticking up for friend/colleague. How are you justifed to call people zeroes and losers with a "L" on the forehead? It's funny how your justice only swings in your favor. must be nice.
I may be a zero, but i've managed to produce an online entity emcompassing all walks of life, and also attained 6.9 million views in little over a year. Ill be a Zero Sir. Grounzero Mag-Zine. I don't expect a response from you. The wicked run when no one persueth.... They called called Jesus a zero too. I rather bein his company than the idiots who run our local music scene.

Amy Winehouse Found Dean At 27. The World Is Mourning.


WXW Womens Wrestling Champion "Kimberly" Rematch Vs WXW-C4 Women's Champion "Niya"@Sportsfest 2011


Did Youtube Ever Freeze Your Upload Views? 7-11-11 to 7-18-11 View Freeze SOLVED?


Hip Hop Icon Dougie Fresh Shows Lehigh Valley How To Dougie!!


Whose Voice And/Or Music Is Welcome On PA MUSIC SCENE ? Do You Care?

My Recent Run In With PaMusicScene.Com
1.Here is my first email to you Mrs Tutko sent on January 14 of this year??? I don't expect you to remember everything, but Check your email since you are so certain that I never made such a request. Just because you don't remember the email or deleted it the conversation doesn't mean that it didn't happen. These messages were sent piggy-backed off our earlier conversations, and it clearly proves what I asked of you. It clearly shows your response. So paired with reading your statement on your site asking for writers and input to help after I already tried, Is it so hard to fathom why I felt slighted??? I know its hard for you to understand from my perspective, but I bet your friend from The Human Relations Committee would see my point. Friend or NOT.

January 14, 2011 First email from Me to Gina Tutko on Facebook web trail:

i design the flyers for Lupos, and i also started my own online magazine that re…

Marine Band Of Allentown BILLY HEINICK SOLO Frank Sinatra Tribute Medley @ West Park Concert

Take in the sounds of Allentown's Historic Marine Band at a recent outdoor concert held at West Park. Billy Heinick, son of conductor, sings a four song Frank Sinatra Medley ending with "I Did It My Way".