Whose Voice And/Or Music Is Welcome On PA MUSIC SCENE ? Do You Care?

My Recent Run In With PaMusicScene.Com
1.Here is my first email to you Mrs Tutko sent on January 14 of this year??? I don't expect you to remember everything, but Check your email since you are so certain that I never made such a request. Just because you don't remember the email or deleted it the conversation doesn't mean that it didn't happen. These messages were sent piggy-backed off our earlier conversations, and it clearly proves what I asked of you. It clearly shows your response. So paired with reading your statement on your site asking for writers and input to help Pamusicscene.com after I already tried, Is it so hard to fathom why I felt slighted??? I know its hard for you to understand from my perspective, but I bet your friend from The Human Relations Committee would see my point. Friend or NOT.

January 14, 2011 First email from Me to Gina Tutko on Facebook web trail:

i design the flyers for Lupos, and i also started my own online magazine that reaches 6 million veiwers in 8 months. At what point does the veil get lifted off my acheivements. I have also filmed various artists from the valley and abroad. To date i have over 30 plus hours of online video, and much more yet to be edited. I cover rock, hip hop, r&b, fashion models, comedians etc. Having said that, being born and raised in allentown what more do i need to be considered part of the pamusicscene?

January 14, 2011 Gina Tutko first response:

Kudos Sydney!! That is a hell of a bunch of accomplishments. You want to be a part of the PA Music Scene in what respect??

January 14, 2011 My second response:

Thank you Gina. I love this scene as much as anybody else. Thats why I dedicate my art and talents. I already consider myself part of the scene, however ive reached out to other media outlets only to be ignored. Having said that I thank you for responding. If you ever need an article or event covered I would be more than happy to contribute to your efforts. Im happy that my mag reached 6 million people, but if i cant reach or be recognized in the valley I feel it is all for not. KUDOS on your pascene website. hope to hear from you soon..

January 14, 2011 Gina Tutko 2nd response:

what was/is the magazine that you had?

January 14, 2011 Gina Tutko 3rd response:

i already have mike mckenna from allentown who helps me but if anything comes up i will let you know.

January 14, 2011 My Last response:
here is the link...i have 4 issues up..


2.Your Pamusicscene posting on facebook that I read today. Please tell me what part that I misunderstood.


Everyone has an opinion, a favorite artist, band or venue, if you would like to become a part of the PA MUSIC SCENE feel free to send an email: Gina@PAMusicScene.com. Why not write about what's going on in your neighborhood pub/bar/club/restaurant/theatre? Did you see a band/solo musician performance that was really awesome? Did you enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere? We will post your article at www.PAMusicScene.com and link them to MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. If you have pictures you would like to share - go ahead and send a few of those as well. We want to know about music in YOUR neighborhood. The PAMusicScene.com website was created for everyone as a tool to support fans, musicians and venues. Help spread the word and cultivate the scene.


3.My response message to Gina Tutko today July 13, 2011 on facebook:

I just read on your pamusicscene like page that you are looking for people to write if they have an opinion. What changed from the time that I asked to be involved months back? I also seen your broadcast to help Centel plugged Pa get more likes. What does my magazine have to accomplish to get the same comradery??? To think I wasted 5hours designing a Mike Mckenna July 30 event, that you were also apart of, and I can't even get the same treatment. Im starting to think that people of color arent't considered in your world. If your are supposed to be about the scene why didn't you show any interest in the celebrity Do Woop Concert I promoting at the Scottish Rite Cathedral?? It's not Hip Hop- signed confused pennsylvania artist. 6.7 million views doesn't qualify me to write about a scene I helped to build??? Nice..

Gina Tutko response to me July 13, 2011 on facebook?

Listen- Don't come off with an attitude. If you have a question ask AND do not dare play the race card with me as I am far from racist and I don't play that shit! If you want to have a professional conversation then as like one! Now to answer your questions...

1- You never contacted me about writing an article for my site. Period!

2- I don't track people or artists down. The FB page is ther for you to post on yourself like others do. If there is someone or something i was out to see and recorded or whatever... I post my own stuff. I don't have time to scout out everyone's events or gigs. I am one person. I do this as a hobby this is not my full time job. I have a day job to pay the bills. It is not humanly possible for one person to track everthing. Period! If you don't want to take iniative and post your stuff your self well I don't like lazy people. I am here to help and provide a friendly platform not get some piss ass email making accusations and talking out your ass.

3. Whatever you created for Mike is between you and Mike. He is a volunteer with me and not an employee. That benefit was not MY benefit I just donated some funds for the rental of the park. As for the Do Woop... I have no clue what you are talking about hence, no interest as I stated I don't scout out evey event. I have a life and a family as well... this is NOT my life. It is a HOBBY! Done out of my love of music and done for FREE. YOu and NO ONE else pays me to do this NOR reimburses me for my own personal finances that I use to run this so YOU have not right to be belligerent.

Emailed me with nonsense and ignorant bullshit you will be ignored and/or blocked. I don't take any shit from anyone and will not tolerate it. If this is the way you conduct yourself professionally then I am sure many will not tolerate you either.

Don't ever throw the race card up with me again! EVER!! ONe of my best friends is an investigator for the State of PA Human Relations Commission... as I see it you are the one bing racist to make such a remark. Racist is a two way street... you got a problem with me... fine... but don't play that race shit with ME!!!

And if you have 6.7 million views then one less view won't matter now will it?

4.My response to Gina Tutko's Rant (points 1,2,3)  July 14, 2001

Actually every reader and view is a blessing and important to me Mrs Tutko. Just like every vote Every view counts. I apologize for pulling the race card on someone who evidently does not deserve it. However how am I racist for feeling that I'm being discriminated against on ANY level??? Were the slaves and Native Americans also guilty of racism for being used for free labor to build this country? Were the families during civil rights era who constantly saw hanging dead bodies and burning crosses racist for feeling discriminated against? Were the millions of women who fought for equal pay and the right to vote "Gender Racist/Men Haters" for demanding to be treated fairly?? Ask your friend at the Human Relations Committee, and get their opinion on that. Racism isn't a two way street, but prejudice is. Again, NOT to insinuate that you are prejudiced per say. Racism occurs when another race keeps another race down by legislation, red tape, and an organized system or government to push said agendas. To date Black Americans don't have such an engine to hold other races down, and probably never will. So How the hell can I be a racist EVER?? How can I be considered a racist when my magazine emcompasses music and people from all over the world across all cultures regardless of race, culture or creed?

 I see that you do a great job at highlighting the cover bands, jazz & blues and hair metal scenes, but what about hip hop, r& b, salsa, reggae, reggaeton scene? It's not like the Morning Call gives a damn about us that's why its important that outlets like yours are independent mouthpieces for the underdog artist of the PAScene!! Thats the flavor that I was willing to bring to your pamusicscene, but I guess you took me as person trying to get money or a job out of you. NO. I merely saw the goodness of what you started, and asked for same opportunity you gave others Like Mike Mckenna. If I came off short or with attitude,as you put it, I definately don't want you to think that, yet I stand firm with my passion as do you. I will admit that I may have pre-judged your actions without realizing your commitiment to the music community, but like I iterated earlier MUSIC is MULTI Directional street that should emcompass everybody. If you put your self out there as thePAMusicScene.com, you cover local events, you have writers who send in input, and you underwrite events don't you think its a bit of a cop out to push off all you do as a HOBBY? I don't get paid for most of the hard work I do either(i.e flyers, music production, photography,band videography) for local musicians Gina, however I'm ONE person aswell and I pride myself on being as diverse as possible. Furthermore calling me a racist for questioning the diversity of your coverage is a little overblown too. Though I realise that you are only one person(though your site lists 9 on staff) I did offer to write and cover events to which wouldn't have cost you a DIME(January 14, 2011). It might have even brought you some more readers with different demographics. The internet is cool like that.

In closing I don't expect you to track down ANYTHING I or other artists do, but when I send you personal messages and flyers attachments for events that you say you're apart of, and also fits your demographic  I thought it would be common courtesy to repost said events especially ONES that your company sponsored. Its not like you guys had to pay ME for designing the flyer or wasted 5 hours to produce it. Don't you think the least you could do was repost it? I didn't reach millions of people by not understanding networking, and you want to question my professionalism for questioning fishy tactics?? How professional is it use PROFANITY IN the same breath especially I never CURSED you? Do you think I acquired over 130,000 myspace friends and 16,000 individual comments, 200,000 song plays being lazy Gina??? Sure I can post on your fb page, but don't you think it would reach more of your people network as opposed to mine If the post comes from you directly?? How the heck am I talking out of my ass when I've articulated all these points?? How do I lack initiative when all i do is post links and help other people?? Now I ask of you to help push YOUR OWN sponsored event, and now I'm the Lazy ONE??? How do I lack initiative when I designed all  6 Hope For Allentown Flyers without being asked or tricked by Mike Mckenna? (Or don't you remember Hope For Allentown either now?) How can my initiative be questioned when i've graced all the papers and tv networks in my local area through my own PR work NOT Piss ASS emails? With all due respect,You can say a lot about me Gina, however questioning my initiative is TALKING OUT OF YOUR ASS.(especially to anyone who knows me or my work ethic.) I run a site/blog complete with my writing, page layout, videos I shot and edited( including a full length Documentary Movie about Eminent Domain Abuse( attained a marketable following with NO staff, and you question my initiative for asking the PaMusicScene to repost local events. WOW!!

After talking with Gloria Domina I found out that Mike Mckenna misrepresented himself to me with a fake endorsement from Lvma's in order for me to design the flyer in the first place. I only did the artwork on the strength and respect that I have for Gloria. She didn't even know about the event until she saw the flyer on the facebook event page. But you did know Gina especially being a listed sponsor on the flyer, and investing in park rentals . So how could Mike possibly get an endorsement for the go ahead on said event Gina?.Your company/site sponsored an event, gave money to help with production, yet never contacted Gloria as to the validity of the event.  Mike is a cool person and all, but how professional was that move since my professional tactics seem to be in question for voicing my feelings asking you uncomfortable questions? I'm merely stating facts about things I've noted as peculiar NOT duping people to make an event go off(Mike). Good intent or not.

5.In Summation of the facts since it was stated that I talk out my ass. Everyone, as I, has an opinion, a favorite artist, band and venue. At one point I wanted to be apart of the PA MUSIC SCENE website, and took the initiative (NOT felt free) to EMAIL Gina Tutko directly on Facebook. I informed her about my interest in the music scene, that I own/operate an online magazine with 6 million views, I have over 30 hours of online video with local musicians and pros, I cover all genre's, and that I wanted to contribute my talents and write an article/cover local events in my area. I even took the INITIATIVE to send her the links for SAID magazine now at 6.7 million views. Gina Tutko denied my offer because she already had Mike Mckenna covering Allentown, but she would let me know in the future.

Seven months later after being mislead by Mike Mckenna into designing a LVMA13 Benefit flyer,I stumble across PA MUSIC SCENES Facebook Page. They have a static posting on their Band Profile requesting community submissions of articles, ideas, and photos. They also gave a contact email for Gina@PaMusicScene.com. Is this the "IGNORANT BULLSHIT" Gina Tutko was referring to?


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