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Are Valley Democrats @War With Themselves Or Black Leadership?

Ed Hozza Jr Whitehall Mayor speaks on his hopes for the future of the Democratic Party. He has just been elected Democratic Committe Chair, replacing Walter Felton, who is the first black elected Chair. Kathy Harrington also gives inspiring words about the vibrance of new blood on the committee. She also won her campaign to be the new 1st Vice Chair. Other winners are 2nd Vice Chair - John Schreiner Secretary - Eileen Aguilera Treasurer - Danielle Shackelford Hillary Kleinz Here all I have to say- I will first congratulate all the winners last night for the Lehigh Dems Reorg on to the next 4 years getting Democrats at all levels elected. And let me say in advance if able to vote I would have voted for most of the winners. And my statement below is not meant to criticize them in any way, but shed some light of some of the corrupt practices from the outgoing folks that I’ve had to stand up against for the past 4 years here. I was was glad to see so many new faces in that room las…

Anger Erupts @ Democratic Committee Event After Hillary's Credentials Are Denied?

Tempers flared at the 2018 Legigh County Democratic Committee voting session at the Main Gate Nightclub. Hillary Klienz, longtime member of the East Penn Democratic Committee, was apparently told that she could not receive her voting credentials for upcoming vote. These committee positions will held for the next four years, and many people felt that the process needs revamping. An unnamed Hillary supporter was visibly, upset by the decision as he ranted by Hillary's side. "She is on the ballot, give her credentials!", words of supporter who denied a post rant interview. This night was full of altercations, and exceptions to voting process's execution. This years committee ballot was headed by John Karoly, and the vote replaced Mr Walter Felton, first black president. The local tv station WFMZ was not present Because they sais that they dont cover events like that. However the so called Morning Call reporter was there, and magically didn't see any altercations …