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Original Music Series At Musikfest's Southside 2011 More Coverage To Come!!

Don't miss the debut of new Reggae and Soul group SOULRAGGA fronted by Camille Armstrong from the hit Off-Broadway Show "STOMP" She was on the cast for 10 years, and is now an aspiring vocalist/percussionist. She is joined by Valley guitar legend J.J. Bellew, keyboardist Dr. Stickbug aka "Dave Jankovsky", Steve Zalalas-bass, and Conor Szymanski-drums. If you like Erika Badu, soulful guitar rifts, and conga drums you'll love this eclectic mixture of musicians. Sound by R & R. For more info: Like us on facebook if you dig it!! Thx..

Protest rockers Poker Face perform a a rare acoustic set at Musikfest 2011 Southside Indy Showcase Series.

The Fallen Troubadours Perform During Musickfest Southside Original Music Showcases @Firehouse

Sarah and Jeff Teets of Metal band Necromance perform an unplugged acoustic set live from the Firehouse. During the 2011 Musikfest event in Bethlehem PA.

Behind The Scenes Interview With Rockstar Parker Lundgren From Queensryche 2011(30Yr Anniv. Tour)

Inspiring words from Parker Lundgren of Queensryche band. He is posed the question of how he got started, and what led up to his career with legendary band Queensryche. This was during their 30th year anniversary tour.For more info and/or to like us on Facebook log onto: or

This video was posted on the CNN for heavy metal music:
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