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Racist Drunk Hockey Fan Attacks Peaceful Mike Brown/Tamir Rice Protest (New)

"Hands Up Don't Shoot" "No Justice No Peace"..Tempers unexpectantly flare whem seeminly intoxicated Phantom Hockey Fan decide to attack a peaceful Mike Brown/Tamir Rice Protest. This protest was on Saturday November 29th approximately 7:07pm.

Fox News "Uncle Juan Williams" Wants Mike Brown's Stepfather Charged For Inciting A Riot? (DEBATE)

"Burn This Bitch Down!!" Instead of fighting for the death of a young teenager, Juan Williams wants justice served on Mike Browns father for reacting out of emotion and frustration. After months of smiling on TV hoping justice would prevail Mike Brown's family reacted when they saw all that action go in vain. The murderer of their son is another cult hero, and now being celebrated by the media. Just like Trayvon, Davis, and Garner. What has changed from the days of Amadou Diallo. I say not much. coonery at its best. "People lost their business" while blacks are mowed down in the streets. I thought Juan Williams had his nigger moment when NPR canned his ass, but I guess there is always room at the table. SMH

15 Years After Amadao Diallo Being Shot 41 Times In NYC. Now Davis, Trayvon , Garner and Now Mike Brown In Ferguson

New 2014 Black vs White Wealth Disparity Report: Will Minorities Ever Overcome Cycles Of Poverty Debate Forum

If you're a black or Latino living in the Lehigh Valley, you probably make less money, probably don't own a home, are less likely to go to college and banks are less likely to give you credit, compared to your white neighbors. Those findings in a study released Friday by the Lehigh Valley Research Consortium are at the heart of an effort by community leaders who are recommending a raft of new programs designed to help level a playing field they say is decidedly against minorities. The fact that income among Valley whites is 62 percent higher than the median income of Latinos, or that only 4 percent of the students who take the SATs are black, mirrors wealth disparity statistics... download full report: