Response To Bill White's Hard To Embrace The Arena Article In Morning Call

Didn't Allentown already destroy two major department stores??? And since when do hockey fans and 80's hair metal shows equate to upscale customers and culture??? What is your paper's deal with DOLLAR Store clientele anyway??? Last time I checked they had an Aldi in the west end. Are those shoppers low lifes too who need their properties uprooted??? I see why your paper harldly ever puts minorities or downtown allentown in a good light. YOu want to systematically keep your SCARED surburban readers, who NEVER come here anyway a NEW playground, while justifying your Eminent EVILS. This is GENTRIFICATION at its best Mr. White. Maybe you can charm your loyal readers but some of US know what the deal is.
It's funny most merchants I interviewed said that Blues event hurt their business because it lacked diversity in performers. Maybe if they also included music from the neighborhood it would have been a bigger turnout. However I see that you would rather scare your READERS into thinking everybody downtown is an ANIMAL and wants their Warez.
If you are going to do a story about Reading's Soveriegn Center Don't you think it would have been better to interview the minority merchants on Penn Street. You could ask them what the effects would be if their minority merchant strip on Penn was destroyed tommorrow. NOT some upper scale restaurant owner up the street.


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