Show Me The Money WFMZ??

[QUOTE who="Get it Right WFMZ"]The information above is wrong. The project total value is $3.6M and Palram received $198K in state funding to assist in creating 40 jobs. WFMZ butchered a simple press release and hopefully a correction will be posted. I doubt an apology will follow.[/QUOTE]

When they don't botch press releases they just simply ignore them. Funny that they(WFMZ cameras)werent at the recent city hall meeting where they gave the Fegely's(Allentown Brew Works)$368,000 while hamilton street is on the chopping block? where are the grants/loans for OTHER business' in the area, and how do these business always get the heads up over minority run establishments? Why isn't there more of an outreach program to make minority business owners more aware of available state money? Maybe that could be your next story WFMZ???

It's funny how they'll report on a Diving Magazine naming a location in Nazareth "Best places to dive in America" while denying local entities that are actually from the Lehigh Valley recieving over 6.5 million readers??? That same entity (GROUNZERO MAG-ZINE)started an petition, and 56 Eminent Domain City Hall clip on that was also ignored by their news room. Maybe if people knew about certain things through local media people would'nt get intimidated at Lehigh ChamberOf Commerce events like Blues Fest, and their protest/petition signs wouldn't get torn down by authorities.

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