If Morning Call's Paul Muschick Is The Watchdog Who Is Watching Him?

This clown doesnt write about real people. He'll bring attention to an overcharged couple in Bangor, Hazleton or wherever but ignore issues affecting thousands right here in Allentown. If he's supposed to be the watchdog, Who the heck is watching him?
I RECENTLY tried bringing awareness of the mayor having all the petition flyers removed off Hamilton Street walls during the recent Lehigh Chamber Blues Fest last Saturday. I also tried to bring him up to speed about an online petition and physical petition that was also the target of police intimidation. The same reporter who said he is the Watchdog writing about consumer affairs & government abuse refused to do anything to champion our cause. I find it hard to believe that an overcharged couple in west bumble takes priority over the fate of Hamilton street and people being denied the right to protest.
Mr Watchdog ultimately told me (consumer/reader)to, "shut up and let him talk." I agreed to listen until I realized one thing. This clown wouldnt have a job if readers with complaints didn't contact him. I immediately asked Mr Watchdog if he tells the people from Hazleton, fountain Hill etc to shut up? Not surprising to me Mr Muschick aka "The Watchdog" hung up the phone on me?
So if im a consumer/reader and I have an issue thats supposed to be handled by clowns like this. Where is my recourse against biased reporting of TMC.


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