My Response Elizabeth Murphy Article On City's No Show At Hotel Traylor Zoning Meeting

Why didnt you quote the guy with the petition or didn't you hear him address the Zoning Board representing 10 residents also in opposition? Since he is voicing the opinion of people who could not be there, dont you think he would have more to say than, "We'll Be Back." Arnold Swartzenegger is getting plenty of press with that lovechild mess, and doesn't need the Morning Call. Unfourtunately the working class AND displaced merchants who read your paper do. OBJECTIVE reporting should echo a hint of fairness Mrs Murphy. NOT just the ones you UNDERSTAND or IDENTIFY with.

And what about the 515 linden street FAIL with that smart aleck architect who got owned by councel and opposing attorney? You know the one involving the displaced Daycare on 7th and linden displaced by EMINENT DOMAIN HOCKEY ARENA?

Bad enough that they got kicked out of their 13 year business. Now they have fight to get another building close to their old building, while they try to maintain their clientele. If said Daycare appealled to Mayor Palowski's NEW Allentown's children WOULD YOU OR YOUR EDITORS HAVE WROTE SOMETHING THEN?

Link to Elizabeth Murphy article:,0,6536341.story


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