Reaction To Bill White's Palin/Santourum Narrative In The Morning Call: "This Came To Him In A Dream??"

This is in reponse to a recent article/narrative concocted in the brain of Bill White of the Morning Call. Its funny how a paper who prides themselves on their objectivity continually prints this fantasy. Dream more like it. What's your next topic Mr. White? Pink elephants.
According to Mr Winter. We are in violation of the Uniform Firearms Act. Wny dont you watch this video from Eminent Domain Council Meeting. Do an anectdote about that. Does objective repoting include tired narratives??? Heres a tip. Why not take up playwriting. Im sure your editorial staff will make a great cast. Twisting reality is way up their alley. However, why let reality get in the way of a good story.. NOT...

I left this as a comment, which will most likely be removed by the comment police at the Morning Call...

EMINENT Domain Matt Winter Cites Violations Of The Uniform Firearms Act vs Cellphone Ban Fail

Link to Bill White Story:


  1. Update My comment was deleted by the Morning Call...What a surprise....Guess the truth is NOT objective enough.


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