Response To Scott Kraus Story On Brew Works Cash

Clearcut Favortism. They paid a dollar for the building, got 4.5 million in grants after that... Now they get another $360,000 in loans to bring in an undisclosed renter that they did'nt even have to disclose??? I also remember Mr. Han saying that several others minority merchants applied for this type of loan, and were rejected. You call it what you want, but anyone with eyes can see the BS. Even Mr Girudy and Mrs. Eichenwald questioned the fairness in the CEDC loan process. They also could not answer Mr Weiss Questions about the definition of blight, and if it even applies to Brew works condition. Im happy for the Brew Works, but I know New York Fashions couldnt have pulled this off without disclosing their renter to the public. More importantly I bet code enforcement would make sure all their I's are dotted and T's are crossed. However I see only certain people have to abide by your GUIDELINES. Must be nice to have friends downtown. The complete testimony for the Brew Gate Hearing is available on my page. NOT THAT IT MATTERS!!!

For the Full Playlist of Hearing Click Link Below


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