Sara Ayers Band And StoneCat Invade 2013 Musikfest Moloch Ritual

Here's my Musikfest schedule... August 2nd through the 4th... Stay on the north side, enjoy the superior food and avoid the teenyboppers that will be the primary audiences for the headline acts. I would much rather watch Lucky 7 and The Aardvarks at Festplatz Friday and Saturday night than Carly Rae and One Republic. August 5 through the 8th... go to the south side and listen to washed up (but hopefully still somewhat entertaining) bands from the '70s and '80s from the free confines of 1st Street. Fill up Musikfest mug from beers in cooler in trunk of car. August 9th and 10th - head to Cape May for the Craft Beer and Crab festival. Man cannot live on Musikfest alone. Besides... Darius Rucker and Kesha? I'll pass. August 11th - A7X - 3rd row, stage center, watch the fireworks, wait two hours for traffic to be let out of the area. I'm looking forward to it... warts and all. I'll probably go at least 6 nights, maybe 7.


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